Monday, May 13, 2013

BLOG... Finally!

In all fairness, if you follow Watercolor Devo on Facebook, it was serving as an art blog of sorts. It's where everybody was already congregating on the playground, so why not? It's been my desire to create a "real" blog for a while but... create a new fan base? Sounds daunting--let alone designing the thing! But it's time. It's high time! 

If you're new to the Watercolor Devo philosophy, it's basically an aim for the arts to be a means of expression, meditation, and enjoyment in our walk of faith. Sometimes the best way for me to grapple with what I'm learning from God's word is to put paint to paper and let truth sink in. 

Follow the blog and not only see my work as develop as an artist and believer, but get a better picture (pun intended) by reading the story behind them. It's my hope that Watercolor Devo would inspire you to connect with your creator through beauty--whether it's seeing it or producing some devo's of your own!


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