Monday, May 13, 2013

Enjoying Now

Here is a little big about our family's recent history: we lived overseas for four years in China, and have suddenly returned to live in the States. We're grieving our goodbyes, we're excited about our first home purchase, we're befuddled by how in the world everyone manages their money in this crazy culture, and we're wondering how what in the world are we doing?! And yet, we know it's right where we should be. 

I'm often guilty of postponing my praise; you know, "I'll give thanks when [something awesome finally comes to fruition]." I'm waiting for the dust to settle, I'm waiting to feel comfortable, naturally content, move in and find our rhythm. Or on the other hand, I don't want to be too grateful when things go my way, I mean shouldn't we not be too swayed by the things that this world can offer? But God calls us to rejoice now

When I give my son a cupcake, I want to see him enjoy it. I want to see frosting surrounding a smile on his face. And (if I can be so bold) I'd love to hear a 'thank you.' And so does our Heavenly Father. So let's enjoy the good things He brings our way. Enjoy where you're at right now! ...In the mess, in the combined good and bad, in the place you never thought you'd be and in the place that's painfully predictable. Give Him thanks and enjoy the good things as well as the Giver of those charming treats.