Monday, June 17, 2013

Cheap Paint + Craigslist = Decor Fun!

This little lamp of mine got a funky facelift Saturday.
Okay, so I have a stash now. But for thirty cents each?!

Art snob confession: I shirk at the craft paint aisle. All of the colors you'd ever want, lined up in beautiful rows... they look so promising, so inviting... but "I know better," I think to myself. "You'll spend hours layering on that quasi-paint, trying to make up for its lack of pigment and viscosity." (Yes, I seriously do use those words in my thoughts.) But the price was appealing, and as I wait for my paints to arrive from their three-month journey from China, I went for it. Oh, and did I mention Hobby Lobby's irresistible 50% off discounts?!

It's a simple pattern, but it took several nights of mulling over to think of it. My greatest challenge was thinking of a design that would work well with light shining through it, light that would quickly show where paint was placed thicker. There wouldn't be much room for mistakes. So I went with a dry brush, free flowing pattern; one that is intentionally rough-looking and kept in step with our mid-century home's style. 

Bold texture and imperfections are not the mainstream choice, but are seriously beautiful.

That simple "chain pattern" as Grandma described it was just what it needed. It really pumped up the room! This room has changed a lot since this picture was taken--I've been busy--so I look forward to showing you how it looks with a finished mural over the mantle! 

The lamp seems to feel at home now.
How has craft paint been good to you?