Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Website Launch!

After much waiting and clicking, the Watercolor Devo website is up! If you've ever had to launch your own website, you know what an endeavor that could be. But don't call it a portfolio site. My hope is that Watercolor Devo could come to be a community of artisans after the same passion for Truth, joy for life, and love for beauty, sharing their visual walk with the world to see online! Contact me if you wish to be a featured creative.

For now, I'm overjoyed to have these two main [and new] hubs: the blog and the website (where you can also view the blog); and the main "port" so to speak: the WD Etsy shop.

Now I can proudly show the back of my business card. {Exhale.}

Check it out now! The address is easy to remember.... watercolordevo.com

Woop! Woop!