Sunday, July 21, 2013

But by Everything That Proceeds

I chose to make God's feeding word a delicious cupcake. It is sweet to the soul.

I've been needing some sanity lately. Do you know what I've been living off of? Some really good food and coffee. I've been living off fun with my family. I've been living off getting things done here and there. I've been living off rockin' new challenges with a new haircut and a few new outfits. But do you know how much living I've been doing? Not much.

Almost anyone would say I had the whole recipe: fun, food, "things to write home about" (or in to modernize the phrase, things to Instagram about)! Though I was pausing, though I was reading, I was not feeding myself enough of what I really needed. Spiritually, I was harried and starved. 

But God knows what I need when I need it. I got up one night as I often do to enjoy the quietness of the house--the time when I most hear the loud noise in my head, the drowning voice of my heart. There were so many things I wanted to tackle in this "unaccounted-for time." Mmmm, music to my ears! I often think I can conquer the world if only I had more time. But I knew where I really needed to be: in His word. 

According to my Bible reading plan, I was set to read Luke 4-6, beginning with the temptation of Jesus. Okay, I thought, a familiar passage... I hope I can discover a new jewel of insight in here. Hm. Jesus took forty days to fast and chill with God. I've hardly mustered forty minutes lately and think I'm set. Ouch. I read on. Satan tempted Him when He became hungry. Yikes. Sneaky how he waited for a weak moment. And I think I'm strong enough to stand when Satan thought he had a chance to wear down the Son of God himself? Double ouch. And then I read Jesus' response to his first temptation. 

"Man shall not live by bread alone, 
[but by everything that proceeds from the mouth of God]."  

Yep, you guessed it, ouch #3, the definitive punch to pinpoint my heart. Jesus quoted half of Deuteronomy 8:3 (the other half bracketed above; incidentally,  Jesus replied to all of Satan's temptations from Deuteronomy, words God gave Moses in the wilderness). 

And there at Luke 4, only four verses into my reading of the night, I had to paint it out. 

The more I read the Bible, the more I want to paint. It's terribly distracting.

I was starved for the delicious words of God! I love this picture I had of these words, in the shape of a cupcake, drizzling with icing and bands of colorful layers. It entices me and breaks the mold of the imagery we often see of the word portrayed as stale bread--leavened or not--ha! 

Have you had your cupcake today? Go ahead, live off 'em.