Thursday, July 11, 2013

For the Glory of It All

It's a whirly mess, but there is surely glory in it. Hear the song by the David Crowder Band.

I'm in a sordid Bible-reading plan that allows me to read from a different portion by day of the week. The name says it all: Bible Reading Plan for Slackers and Shirkers and it came highly recommended on blogs. 

As I read the wide gamut of pain and long-suffering in Joseph's story in Genesis (chapters 37-50), I found myself wondering, is it worth it? A father who takes his precious son for dead for decades, a man framed and betrayed despite his good skills and great attitude, entire countries dying under famine... is it worth it? 

Obviously God thinks it is. Buy why?

Somehow after all is said and done, God sees the grueling as worth enduring--for the glory of it. For the majestic tapestry it forms, its darks and lights, its redemption plopped in the heart of its foulness. The clouds of dark times looming over an array of colors, swirling around the purpose: Glory; the sun pushing through to its finale: Glory.

Most of the time I'm not sure it's worth it. Green pastures leading to green pastures seems pretty awesome to me! But I believe in a God in love with the story--the Gospel Story--and One who is too kind to let us know anything less than the richness of emotion, gratitude, awe, and fear we'd have if we could see it His ways.

It's messy. And it hurts. But He says it's worth it.