Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ostracized Devo

We usually read the Beatitudes from Matthew. Reading the Luke NASB version gave me fresh eyes. The word "ostracized" jumped out at me. 

I remember when I learned the word ostracized. I was a sophomore in high school, trying to fake my way through friendships like everyone else. I often tagged along a group of girls that piled higher than me on the popularity totem pole; three of them being a clan, two of them being close friends. One day the two decided they were tired of playing close buds with the third and decided to quite bluntly tell her she was never really in, that they never liked her and included her out of pity. They stopped talking to her and didn't want her around. We on the outer ring saw it coming (though perhaps not so suddenly), as Molly was often the awkward brunt of the jokes she mistook herself to be a part of. But now she felt totally de-friended as the rest of the posse 'knew better' than to get involved. Her frantic mother called the other girls' parents, outraged at how the two could cause her daughter to be ostracized

I was thankful I wasn't Molly; I may not have held a solid place in the high school friend-o-sphere, but at least I wasn't ostracized. 

And yet I am... or I should hope to be! No one has been more misunderstood than The Son of Man. And so He tells us in Luke to be happy that day--that day we're smelling more like Christ though the world call it a stench! Yay! 

Boy, does this rock my belief that somehow personal winsome-ness will win some to Christ! Thoughts?