Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You, Inc., Part 1: What Do You Do?

I'm reading You, Inc. and totally enjoying it! Of course, it's a shoe-in with its psychological perspective on business, self, and you know that for me that means my favorite topic: art! It  is also helping me fill a gap in my business, one that I think is common among artisans: how we come across. It is much easier for me to visually show you what I'm about, what my artwork is about, what I value and my goals for its reception and success. But those who talk to me in person don't get much of a clear picture. I pause and communicate what I'm thinking, "you're just not gonna get it anyway." They are then challenged to take a leap into the unknown of what I do by asking many questions. Even at that, I feel they walk away fuzzy. What is ironic is that I do believe I can articulate my work, and I relish in the richness of language used properly, to its fullest. I can write it better than I can say it, so I'll start here. 

I need this book at this time in my life when I'm called to boldly describe what I'm about in a new city and in a growing business... and I need your help, too!  I thought I'd share my homework with you guys. Please, please offer feedback since it's the only way the homework is helpful. I'll even give you direct questions to answer below. This was my homework question, it's terribly simple yet critically important. I'd bet most entrepenuers have a difficult time answering it concisely, let alone artists:

What do you do?
On 7/9/13 I wrote: 
I paint watercolor artwork that enriches lives. I inspire those who speak the language of art to develop their faith through it; and my work enriches those who joyfully understand the language in their heart. I share it, blog it, sell it, and call it Watercolor Devo.

FAIL. Let's try this again.

On 7/11/13 I wrote:
I paint watercolors.  My subjects revolve around three themes: Truth, Life, and Beauty, so I tend to paint verses, abstracts, and portraits. I share it, blog it, sell it, and call it Watercolor Devo.

So, is it...

  • Clear?
  • Simple?
  • Does it inspire your confidence that I am focused enough to master [my art]?

Please leave a comment below. 

PS- I feel like such a traitor, but I think my love for serifs is overriding my love for Helvetica on this blog. We'll see how long this lasts.