Saturday, August 31, 2013

And Her Name Will Be...

I had both the perk on hearing about this sweet baby girl's name before her appearance on August 24 as well as the honor of creating a part of her sweet nursery. Her mom sent me what she had already put together for an idea board (below) to Joie Brynn's room. She gave me some ideas of what she had liked of my work, and free reign.

I fell in love with the colors and was refreshed to use a slightly different palate than my norm. Muted pastels that were feminine (yet not girly) coupled with surprising splashes of gold and grey made for a modern, personal twist--the perfect place for a unpresumptous chic girl in the making. (At least that was my impression!)

Sometimes the best way to deal with the fear of screwing up a painting is to try to. I penciled in the script for her name--something I don't always do but tend to for commissioned work--and then I made some random, feathery strokes around it. I find such visual interest in creating a tension between training the brush to do exactly what I want it to as well as making strokes that celebrate the shapes the brush naturally makes. The exchange usually pays off nicely. 

I found that my greatest challenge with this piece was in maintaing the light, demur color scheme while creating definition. I'm afraid that the scan doesn't pick up on the various light washes I layered around the letters. But I guess that's what makes holding the original all the more special. 

Welcome to this world, Joie Brynn! I hope you love this piece that's uniquely yours.