Saturday, August 17, 2013

Consider What He's Done

Oh how I need to fear Him more. 
Oh how I need to serve Him in truth with all my heart. 
Oh how easy those become when I stop to consider all He's done for me. 

Since coming back to the States, I've been content to lay low. Nothing wrong with that for a little while I suppose, but I felt myself gripping on to the quiet, predictable life. God may very well call us to stay here forever, but He may not... and that scares the jeepers out of me right now. I'm not ready for another big move and I'm also not ready to deal with thinking of one down the line. I want to try life out my way... even though I know it won't work. I'll hunger for His leading and vigor--the fragrance of the One I've yet to meet as I find my faith stretched at each turn. I'll not feel like myself without Him guiding me. And I don't want anything but that for my family as well. 

I love how this verse points me to my initial point of sweet surrender: awe and gratitude as I considered. The Great Gifts of His Grace are too precious to settle for the little wrappings--those treats we see in this life that we're easily contented with. (Thank you for the analogy, Paul Tripp via Mars Hill's sermon series "Best Sermon Ever.")

In this verse, Samuel is consoling wayward Israel. What a God we have that this to say to our waywardness: only...! He doesn't leave us at, "yes, you've done wrong," but adds, "just do this." Just do this. 

Praise God!