Monday, August 12, 2013

Wedding Fun

Phew! It's been a big weekend around here as my only brother-in-law granted me a sister-in-law. (Yes, that's totally why he proposed in the first place!) Here's a peek into what wedding fun looked like from my vantage point. And yes, there will be art!

First off: Bridal Shower! You know I had to add a watercolorful touch to the invite.

Ball jars took over the decor and were an easy way to allude to the country wedding. Framed: my jar invite rough draft.

The happy couple playing around with the game props for "He Said / She Said."

I think I had the most fun at this shower, prepping and making things pretty.

The three of us all primped up!

My little ring bear, I mean ring bearer.

Everything was very personalized and touching, down to the last detail.

We threw together some wildflower bouquets and let the pretty colors work their magic.
And a little design work making wine bottle labels for the rehearsal dinner.

All the work was fun and worth it. Congratulations, Heath and Katy!!!