Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Papi!

We're on a family vacation enjoying the last weekend of the summer. Most Americans call it Labor Day weekend, but we call it Papi's birthday as it usually falls on the long weekend! 

Let me briefly brag about my husband. He has always been an advocate for others. As a child he'd actively include his little brother to play alongside him with his friends, as a teenager he'd choose to befriend those of other races rather than his exclusive, white friends, and as an adult he's still not wooed by people's "cool factor" but rather looks out for anyone that's been left out. He gives people that others would look over or reject the same attention and dignity as anyone else. People feel comfortable around him because he listens before judging and doesn't shy away from laughing at himself. He's just fun!

He also has such a servant heart that I doubt he even notices! But I notice. I notice how he listens to my complaints, actively looking for ways to remedy my stresses. I notice how he doesn't wait to see what's leftover to do, as if trying to get by doing the minimum required. And on a more mundane level, I notice how he takes out the trash, mows the lawn, gets the gas and warms the chocolate milk bottles.

He has a contagious smile and beautiful eyes. That's my husband, a favorite part of my life.