Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Love You, Really

One of my greatest struggles as a believer is to be tempted to believe that God loves and accepts me less than what the Bible teaches. But God is faithful to remind me. One way He has is done so  this very week was through this sermon audio. I commend it to you.

I'm guessing it's a common struggle. I am so works-oriented in my daily life! It's how I evaluate if my day's been worthwhile. And that works its way into how I think God views me. How useful have I been?

Conversely, I use to marvel at my cousin Andrea Victoria. She passed away after struggling with Hypotonia for her short five years of life. I'd stare at her in awe. She didn't tote a list with her of her accomplishments--great or small. She couldn't. And yet she was a powerful force in preaching to the world the glory of God. Not despite her condition nor despite her credentials... but because of them! She radiated His beauty and there was not a doubt that God loved her infinitely.

But I struggle to believe that for myself.

I'm about to listen to that sermon for the second time as I bake zucchini bread (and try to resist making the latte I want to have accompany the finished product).

Got any similar encouragers in your life? Ones that remind you that you don't hold the measuring stick to God's great love for you? I hope so.