Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mixin' In Design

Put together...
a driven entrepreneur 
with creativity as one of his top three values 
an illustrator {turned} designer {turned} painter 
that's hungry for a challenge 
and you get a mini creative explosion. 
Ideas, art, and people are all science experiments--there's theory and then there's the unexpected!

That's what I now see stringing most of these pieces together. Jeremy moved one of his thriving companies to its third office space. It was a sleek space, brimmed with white and steal. But he was eager to add a punch of color to better communicate's passion for ideas and solutions. 
And he called me. 

The main need here was to bring together all of the Tillman Learning companies under one visual thread.
I should say I'm always up for a challenge... as if adopting, parenting and being self-employed don't offer enough challenges! But creative challenges are an animal I'm constantly mulling over in my mind. I both love and hate the tension between fine art and commercial art; the freedom to create and speak what others hear with their intuition, and the design industry's contrasting MO which must always begin and end with a clear message.

This piece was specifically for JT's office. A masculine take was this girl's challenge.
Initially, we had talked about doing all of these pieces by hand as watercolored, hand-lettered art, but the ideal was really only an ideal. This project needed a blend of art and digital. Being an illustration major, I began with visual representations of the company's mission and vision. The illustrative approach proved too trite or too muffled. Design felt too stale. Art, too illusive... and not fitting the time constraints. So we pushed them all together. Some are more design-oriented and some less.

The first created, Values was a concept that was quickly approved to run with. 
Everyone's happy with the results, including me. And that says a lot!

But painting didn't get left behind. There is one more piece that was hand-painted. I'll be posting that one too this week. Stay tuned!