Monday, September 16, 2013

My Birthday

At the end of the day, the camera timer gave us a good picture.

I'm belated in giving myself this happy birthday post :) Thank you to all who called, texted, and Facebook'ed me. And for those who are curious, here is how my day went...


  • Saw my birthday text from my best friend in Zimbabwe.
  • Found a slew of balloons and a pot of flowers at the bottom of the stairs left by my hubby before going to work.
  • A PSL and quiche was delivered to me by my mother in law
  • I opened my mom's card and cried.
  • I folded the laundry.
  • I set up an appointment for possible wholesale.
  • Other family calls and texts followed.
  • I barely got ready enough to go out to lunch with my mother in law, hubby, and son.


  • My son and I came back for a pina colada cupcake before nap time.
  • I spent too much time on facebook looking at my brother and sister in law's honeymoon photos and friends' lovely posts.
  • I cried over missing our soon-to-be adopted son, frustrated at my own laxness.
  • I snuggled with my son as he woke up from his nap.
  • He picked out what I would wear for my birthday dinner.
  • We headed to the mall where I bought myself some cheap pleather leggings.
  • We five had a fancy Spanish tapas dinner, thanks to my father in law, and opened generous gifts.
  • We came home to wrestling/tickling on the couch.
  • Hubby and I convinced my son to get to bed for preschool the next day.

The next day, more gifts followed. Thank you all!
Ring (on ring finger) from my best friend.