Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seasons Are Ah-Changing

Another great thing about seasons: beauty.

Bummed that summer is "officially over"? Let's refocus.

Living in China made me really appreciate the changing of seasons. It was during those times of transition when we saw the clouds move, pushing away the smog for a good couple of weeks! Living in Minnesota has made me appreciate the changing of seasons in a different way: it's the promise that it won't be freezing forever! 

In fact, that's just one of the lessons I can draw from the shifting weather patterns:

1. This season won't last forever. It's a call to both "hang in there" if this time is not your fave, as well as a call to relish in the time at hand if it is.
2. The changing seasons call us to gratitude, to appreciate what's good about the season we're in.
3. Which means that diversity is not only the spice of life but also a nudging to keep our eyes peeled: "This is special, don't miss it." When I wake up and think, "Eh, it's rainy outside," I have to ask myself "what's special about a rainy day?" Maybe it will illicit me to bake or have a pajama day or snuggle a little more with my son. 
4. And so, these changes, these unique attributes, remind me that each season has a purpose. They're specifically created for something--in nature and in us.
5. As clouds, leaves, tides, (and whatever else) changes... it's a time to refocus on that purpose. 

As I brace myself, knowing the change in season to fall will only lead to winter--something this island girl was not built for--I have to seek and appreciate what makes these different seasons special. They have a purpose in their place and time. Find it. Enjoy it.