Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Abiding Branches + Freebie!

Here goes another week spinning out of control it seems. Breathe. It's Tuesday. I have so many things on my to-do list that I think that the greatest feat of all would be to wipe them all off of that faux yellow notepad on my phone. It wouldn't be. 

No, the greatest feat would be stay well fed, to abide without wondering what I need to add to the grace of God to make myself more fruitful. Nothing could be. He brings the fruit, be it visible, tangible, outside of me or in me. 

The greatest feat would be the strengthening of my spirit through the exercise of my self-control; saying, I'm not going to tackle that little thing, I'm going to push aside all that's on my desk to open up my Bible.

The greatest feat would be my acknowledgment that I can't love well, paint well, serve well, or worship well without being well-connected to the vine. 

It's Tuesday, folks. Let's abide in Him and leave the rest to the God who will see accomplished what He wants to see accomplished. To help us all refocus, I created this image as desktop wallpapers. Download them here.

Artists are conduits. We don't have much to offer without being hooked-up to the spout of inspiration.