Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And Moses Sang

Moses' Song being the header in my Bible over Exodus 15 made it intriguing. We need more worshipping men. But that's another subject. No, today I'm not wanting to criticize. I want to... like Moses... praise! Yesterday was a greatly encouraging day as I got to hear that two of my recent prayers for friends availed to victory! One was miraculous, ensuring God's work would continue and several peoples' lives would not me dramatically rocked, one was honestly more selfish in nature as I had hoped our friends' job prospects would not move them away. They found something here. (Since we only have two couples as friends, this would have been a big chunk!) 

Can you imagine, though, fleeing for your life from those who made your every day a misery?! And can you imagine the awe and joy of seeing those who seemed to have had absolute power over you being swept underwater--the fate you were just miraculously saved from?! This piece might seem morbid--our rejoicing over the death of likely hundreds--but if nothing else it is seeing God's justice and mercy through natural and frightening means. 

Think of how angry it makes you to see injustice. I know that this week I've been re-burdened to pray for orphans after reading Davion's brave plea for a family. The injustice of precious children growing up without the right to a family because of adults' irresponsibility, poor choices, or evil preference rushes me to tears. I can only imagine the flood of joy that will come when Jesus comes to reign again and make everything right. 

For now, I will praise Him for the wonderful things He does constantly and always for our good. And, I can see glimmers of hope amidst what I can't understand, glimmers like the follow-up to Davion's story

So sing like a man! Sing to the Lord, for he is highly exalted. The horse and the rider he has hurled into the sea. (Or, if you prefer,  sing like Miriam who joined Moses later in his song.)

PS- It's been fun seeing all of the responses to the Love Cushion unveil! Another new product is set for Friday's "show and tell."