Friday, October 4, 2013

His First "All About Me" Book

We recently sent our first care package to the orphanage in China! It was a package months-in-the-making... a personal triumph. Like everything else in this zany adoption process, little hiccups add up, making the wait evern more agonizing. But a few of those hiccups were self-imposed. 
You see, I wanted to include this book (below). In thinking through all of the changes our little guy will be facing upon arriving home in a few months, I wanted to give him a chance to get familiar us and his new surroundings. I've been shocked to not find a similar book for purchase on the web, so I had to create that opportunity for any families out there wanting to reach out to their child-to-be. The download of fifty text page images is available in the my shop.

I pray that a nanny at the orphanage helps him look at these pictures over and over.
I hope that when he does finally come home, he'll recognize some things here and there.
Most of all, I hope that my face (and my boys' faces) will feel familiar to him, as if he'd seen us in his dreams.

You know I had to make our Mandarin skills useful in this process! The book is a lot like hundreds of others in China, made to teach language to little ones. I wanted its style to also feel familiar and simple for little eyes. I made the book download cover a few more bases... (below)