Friday, October 25, 2013

New Product Friday: The Give Cushion

One simple word, embellished in floral motifs: Give! Give patience, give grace, give generously... because when you give, you give to yourself. This cushion measures 16"x10", making it one of those bolster cushions that feel great under your neck. 

The fabric is in! There's something so beautiful in repetition.

And for those of you that really liked the Love Cushion last week, that fabric is in, too! It's o fun to see my paintings on foldable fabric.

I hope to put these two up for pre-order next Friday, November 1st. If you're the type to love first dibs, then mark your calendar and send me a comment.

Need another reason to love Friday's? The next New Product Friday will also be available as a downloadable freebie! 

I'm off to give my son some attention!