Friday, October 11, 2013

Peek at the Christmas Card! [Pre-ordering Time]

5"x7" with adore Him in gold foil laced on top of this watercolor piece full of joy and meaning
Here you have it! I'm so stinkin' excited! I love that this card has a hand-made, unique look inside and out. The only typed text on it is the website signature on the back. Yes, folks, Christmas is all about Jesus and these words express the only fitting reaction to such a monumental event!

Did you notice all of the exclamation points in the motifs surrounding him? His birth was humble--humbler than any of us would wish for ourselves or our children--and yet the heavenly realms weren't quiet. Much just had to exclaimed, sung, and praised! Through our spiritual eyes, Jesus' appearance on earth should hit us like a BAM! POW! WOW!
So indeed, come all ye faithful. Absolutely, adore Him.

And yes, okay, he was not likely a redhead. But that's how the colors worked themselves out. And so... as watercolor painting often beckons us... just go with it! And love it.
Available for pre-order in bulk increments of 50 and 100, up to 50% off!
I want to make sure I get enough to cover any large orders ahead of time. If you're one of those, head to the front of the line and purchase your cards on Etsy. If you need them in other increments, you're welcome to comment here or message me on the WD Facebook page.

I limited myself to only one Christmas card design in order to get my order number up and costs for you down. You're welcome! Ha! (Seriously, it wasn't easy to resist.)

Reactions? Questions? Favorite Christmas carols?