Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gone Fishing

I'm a simultaneously an idealist and a practicalist. That's why this week I've chosen to tell myself, "I can't put blogging on my front burner right now" as I have six visiting family members at our home for Thanksgiving as well as a pressing {and first} Christmas Craft Fair! I was very straight-forward with myself. 

The idealist in me has not let me tell you

I hoped to steal away moments on the computer but as it turns out, I'd rather chat with family, cuddle with my snuggle bug, catch up with hubby or sleep. (Not necessarily in that order.)

I will share with you what I did today: set up the Watercolor Devo booth at the New Ulm Christkindl Markt, running this Friday and Saturday! 

I'm driving two hours to it, are you?

So apologies for my silence, yay! for an especially busy week, and know that I look forward to blogging and reconnecting later this week!

Happy Thanksgiving!