Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Soul Magnifies the Lord

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. But for Mary, most if not all of these were in order backwards.

I love the Magnificat--Mary's prayer of praise to God in Luke 1:46-55. The words, "My soul magnifies the Lord" are powerful and beautiful. She had just heard she would bear the son of God. Her reaction is marked not by disbelief or questions, but by wonder and worship.

Remember to wonder at God. Marvel. Awe. Because worship always follows wonder.

Think of what He's done. Think of creation--the minute and the monumental. Think of the details He knows and the great things He controls.

And maybe when you're confronted with something downright bewildering that will literally turn your life upside-down... maybe you'll worship instead of worry. 

I hope to be like that. But that is not the point.

The Bible is not a book of hero's but of one Hero. And He can make me like that--with eyes fixed on His greatness--just as He did Mary. But I am not the point of the story. God is.

The object of our worship IS the big deal, not how awesome we worshippers can be. 

I'm convicted today by Pastor Mark Driscoll's sermon on the Third Commandment: don't take the Lord's name in vain. I breeze through the commandments like a pharisee, seeing them as some sort of checklist and measuring how well I've done without really looking into what they teach. Looking into this one deeper reveals sin in me: I've been busy going about my name. Not God's. At least not as much. And in God-talk, where He is the only one to be worshipped, that's a fail.

Exploring where my work will lead, small business options and dreams, feeling that I'm my own agent have made me very me-focused. And as I blend my walk in faith with every area of my life, instead of having competing roles (work vs. faith or even painting vs. devotional), I have competing heart issues battling underneath. They're not oil and water, and I'm not saying they need to compartmentalized--no way and praise God that His influence can and should permeate every crevice of our life--but there is a hierarchy that needs to be there. 

Art, work, self... all must bow down to God. They are subordinate, He is supreme. 

He is to be magnified.