Friday, November 22, 2013

New Product {and Freebie} Friday: Christmas Gift Tags

No sticky Santa Clause's here! Enjoy this free download of some watercolor gift tags for your gifts this year! In my world, no matter how many pretty gift box ideas I see during the season, gift tags are an afterthought. With these you can afford to be as much of a procrastinator as me; download now and print later! Or if you're too busy to hit the link now, pin and print.

Click on the image to download a PDF with all eight designs. (And no, they won't have these cute names on them.)

Alas, the last New Product Friday is a bit sad. It was a fun challenge to brainstorm different products and see some of them come to life. And speaking of... the Love and Give cushions are here! Snapping up some pictures of these cuties is high on my to-do list.