Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Keeping Up with the Holidays

I can't believe that it was just a week ago that my husband was telling me "whoa on the Christmas!" It's like I kept hearing, "it's not even Thanksgiving yet!"

So how is it that I'm the last on the block to not have a Christmas tree up?

I'm a rebel. I don't like to buy into the common fanfare of the moment. I long for Christmastime in the summer. Thanksgiving should be in the spring perhaps! The Fourth? I don't know, I suppose that date's locked down.

What ends up happening is that I anticipate, then sit on my hands, and scramble. Exhibit A: this year's place settings. I was upstairs writing little thankful notes for each person in ink while everyone went shopping for gravy mixin's.

Or if I happen to get prepared in time, something doesn't quite pan out. I printed out an advent calendar weeks ago. I can't find it.

So I finally gave in and bought one last night. I hope to start it tonight... on day 4.

Anybody find themselves grasping for the season that's suddenly upon us? Like I always say, I'll have it all together some day, and it'll be awesome. {yes, that's sarcastic}

It's my way of giving myself a little dose of reality with a side of grace.