Monday, December 2, 2013

My First Craft Fair Experience

It was my turn to do a craft fair. The posts of others I follow on Instagram and on craft blogs made it appealing. It looked fun, colorful, and... I gotta admit... it had some airs of celebrity attached to it. More than anything, it was time. It was (and is) time to "get out there" and showcase my work! 

The location was a less-than-convenient two hours away. We set up two days before, scrambled to get change, and print, cut, and priced until the first customers strolled by. 

Ah!!! Exciting! 

By noon I had sold $6. From the clearance bin. 

Getting nervous.

Encouraging words about this being "good experience" were batted around. Screw experience! I don't want to see negative numbers! It was time to pray and strategize. Good thing I enjoy strategy, no matter how nerve-wracking. We rearranged, put up sale signs, and lingered outside of the booth as we saw most people would just stroll by without entering in. People began to engage with the shop and sales slowly started picking up.

I enjoyed watching what people touched, I tried to glean from their comments and learn from what products were moving. I asked fellow vendors who were seasoned with experience for their tips and outlook on this particular show. But my interest in strategy and method left me at a familiar place: there is no formula. Sometimes you live and learn, often what you think will work doesn't. 

It seems like the bottom line is always the same: it has its ups and downs, it's a lot of work, but as long as you enjoy it, it's worth it.

Ain't that just how it is?

I have another craft show this weekend. I'm both looking forward to and so relieved it's not today. I'm still dipping my toes in the water, especially when I look around and see that others make this a weekly, year-round job. 

It's all part of the ride! 

PS- No airs of celebrity here. That was a total misnomer. ;)