Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Our Anniversary!

We started dating in late 2000. We dated for four and a half years, were engaged for the other half, and the rest is history.

We've both changed. A LOT.

We've both gone through a lot. TOGETHER.

And it's great to have days like this to think back on our journey and see how we got here. 

I have no idea what we'll do for our anniversary. We don't typically do anything too wild and having just come back from a nice vacation in the sun, low key will do it. 

But our hearts won't feel low key because our anniversary isn't the only cause for celebration tonight!

I dedicated most of my "while he's in preschool time" to dealing with mail and paying off bills. A very special letter was in the batch of mail from our days away, a letter from Show Hope. Okay, no more introduction! We got awarded a grant!!!!! Wooo hoooo!

{I'm not easily excitable, but this'll do it!}

I was sure it was a decline; the letter was too wordy and long. It even said something about having many applicants. I'm a skimmer, and I looked it over about three times wanting to cut to the chase… and then I saw a dollar sign and numbers! I still can't believe it! 

Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you if you've donated to this organization. 

Thank you if you're happy along with us.

I've been thanking my God all day.

Here's to 8! And here's to $5,000! Two very beautiful numbers.


PS- Isn't hand-lettering + bold text fabulous? I need to do that more often.