Monday, January 20, 2014

Matchings + Pairings, Pipe Dreams + Real Things: Love Olive It

This Too Will Pass 5”x7” Fine Art Print, $8 • Autumn Wreath Dish & Mug, concept • Taste and See Placemats set of two, $25Quote Wine Bottle Gift Tags set of 4, $4

Confession: I don't like olives. I know, it's so un-chic of me. 

I do, however, think it's a wonderful color to both dress a table in and dress yourself in. I love how unpretentious it is. 

Second confession: Not all of these products have the color olive in them. That's because coordinating doesn't revolve around matching. My favorite rooms, paintings, and designs combine elements that one wouldn't jump to put together. That's magic. That's creativity. That's skill. {I hope I'm doing it right!}

Third confession is a bummer: Not all that you see here exists. Yep, that dish and mug are the "pipe dream" part of this grouping. Frustrating for you perhaps, but incredibly instructive for me. It's like pumping iron with my creative muscles and getting that shot of adrenaline mojo you get from exercising. Or so I've heard.

By the way, how's that new year's resolution going?

All kidding aside, I'm all for pushing it a little further. Let's keep encouraging each other to do that this year… in whatever realm we choose.

Any requests or challenges for the next Matchings + Pairings post

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