Saturday, January 11, 2014

Matchings and Pairings, Pipe Dreams and Real Things: 10th Avenue

Give Pillow Cushion, $29 •  The Orange Crush Hand-Painted Lantern in medium, $35 • The Earth Is the Lord's Large 13x13 Fine Art Print, $50Taste and See Potholder, $10 

My husband loves grey and baby blue… and green… and orange!   We often use orange to decorate--our family room's couch is orange, reeling in lots of other orange elements. I suppose it's a warm color that's not as predictable as red or as bright at yellow.  Any and all of these items give a bright punch! Admittedly though I'm one of the rare ones who has to work at decorating a bit more neutrally. Maybe we should call our buddy over at KonKrete Designs to make us some unfinished concrete countertops? {It's on the dream list.}

Have a great weekend!