Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Matchings + Pairings, Pipe Dreams + Real Things: La Boheme

Love Pillow Cushion, $2950/50 5”x7” Fine Art Print, $15 • Everyday Greetings Card Set of 12 blank cards, $15The OrchidHand-Painted Lantern in small, $29

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this week I tried to go preppy. Not my bag. I did it with a wrinkled shirt and my lame posture. {Which I'm adjusting right now.}

I ain't a prepster. I'm so boho. Let's take a look at some of my favorite words, shall we? Colorful, eclectic, diverse, funky, tribal, floral, motif, and yes, bohemian.

Please don't take me as a duster skirt-wearing gal with an endearing aroma. No, I love me my black pleggings and grey sweaters. But I'm a sucker for stores like Anthropologie… offerings with a flair of handmade, almost mismatched pairings with chic second-day hair. 

Okay, enough about me. 

This is the first of many collections I look forward to sharing with you! That introduction was just to essentially say, "I went with this style guide first." I'm calling these posts "Matchings and Pairings, Pipe Dreams and Real Things." I'm taking my products and prints and throwing them together to concoct a given style. It's been wonderful for my creativity and my processing--thinking through what would really work well in my offerings and what is missing… hence the "pipe dreams" part. 

Being a one-gal show (and who's more interested in possibilities than in birthing a Target out of my small studio), I'll be showing off some items that would be great to make available! But I won't. Always. Perhaps if you bug me enough. 

For now I'm thrilled to mix it up a bit and match it up a lot! 

Do you like orange? You'll love the next "M+P, PD+RT" post!