Thursday, January 30, 2014


I've heard some say that hey already want a 2014 Re-Do. Not funny from where I stand. Re-do was today's icky word to describe where we're at in our adoption process. 

It's a good thing that I've learned to listen to my inner apprehensions. I sensed the Holy Spirit putting on the brakes to my eagerness to send our paperwork to Chicago. I scanned them all and sheepishly sent them to our adoption agency for review because of my "bad feeling." As it turns out, we would have wasted even more time and money if I hadn't. 

The agency was nice enough to review them, and though it didn't feel good, it was kind to get the feedback I got: half of these are too old. We need to recreate, re-notarize, re-certify half of our adoption paperwork before it heads to the Chinese Consulate. This is a huge blow. I so strongly loath paperwork and I so hate anything that looks like a setback on our schedule to meet our little boy. But had I gotten the news from Chicago--or worse--in the last critical reveiw before it all finally heads to China, the punch would have caused more than nausea. 

I don't see how this could have been avoided. Some of these were critical towards the first half of the process (before our home study), and their expiration was ticking away as we waited for other documents to come back to us or be approved. I could have caught this before the Sec. of State certified them, but that just happened in the last two weeks anyhow.

As an update from the last adoption post, one of the two highlighted prayer requests can be happily scratched off: my Puerto Rican Birth Certificate does not need to go to DC as an extra authentication step. Thanks, aunt, didn't need to freak out after all! Just a little handbook oversight on the agency's behalf.

Lesson for those behind us in this process: mark your documents with the date that their validity will expire. Besides that, I'd say just pay the agency to compile your dossier. If I could turn back time, I'd happily pay the fee!

Also be born, raised, and married in the same place. It'll greatly simplify your paper trail!