Friday, January 24, 2014

Set Your Mind

I've been trying to intentionally turn what I'm doing toward "the things of God" direction. 

It doesn't work.

Take it from me. You've got to start over, and you've got to start in the right place. Begin with God. 

You see, I'm terribly strategic. I'm always looking for that best route, that most efficient way, that best use of my time, and the best practices. From the order in which I wash dishes to what direction I'm taking in my creative business, my mind doesn't stop calculating. 

And then, as part of the grid of whether the idea is worth exploring, I ask, "does this align with God and where I see Him working in our family?"

Dumb strategy.

You'd think I'd know better. I've seen my plans get botched, my course get turned around, my desires changed.

Ah yes, more reason to think it through. To strategize. 


My vision was too low. With my nose to the grindstone and with few minutes of quiet to look up, I wasn't looking up high enough over my laptop, my brushes, my calendar. 

And I suspected so. But one verse succinctly articulated it back to me: Colossians 3:2, a verse that was quoted in a sermon that was on-point about our attitudes in looking at the new year. 

The verse was like a beam of clarity, leaving my muddy mind frozen, my soul refreshed, and my spirit renewed. So I didn't paint it with lots of embellishments, its beauty lies in its purity.

It's a verse that resonates with my testimony and changes the perspective from wherever you stand: Set your mind on things above. 

Your thoughts and your plans may be pretty great, but they're nothing outside of this starting point. Every day.

Have a delightful weekend.