Monday, January 6, 2014

Their Wedding Site

Just a quick post for today as I prepare a fun one for tomorrow! (Or tonight... depending on how impulsive I'm feeling.) 

This is my fourth painting of this same barn, you know. And I'm still intimidated as I begin to paint it. I want to be true to its beauty and yet I don't care much for realism. I don't think that we can capture the beauty of a sunset or a face, a place or a thing quite the way that its Creator did. But I do believe that we can capture an essence, an emotion, a... pardon my hokey use of French... je ne said quoi about it. 

This was their wedding site. The other three paintings I had done were given as gifts to a special few. But this one was for them. Finally.

Okay, total honesty here: that heart was supposed to be white--a little fluid mask trick---except my brush was not clean and the remnants of red on it + the fluid mask = made for a glossy, dark heart. {Sigh} 

As we usually have to do in painting (and in life): just go with it. 

And keep painting.