Friday, February 21, 2014

Adoption Update: His Chair

Our number at the Secretary of State's office was a little thematic. 
The Re-do documents have been re-done, notarized, and certified. Time to move on to the authentication step. My task today is to hunt for couriers, get money orders done, prepare pre-paid envelopes... and hopefully send these out!

So that's where we're at logistically, and here's a poem to depict where I'm at emotionally. 

The Chair 
We have a chair for you, my baby
And a spot on our king-sized bed.
Your clothes, some toys, and plenty more to come. 

I wonder how you are.
I wonder how long. 
I wish I could see you
And assure you we're doing all we can
We want you here right now.
You are WANTED, my little man.

You're the making of our dreams
Awaiting times to come
When we need dream no longer
Our family will be one. 

You are ours: that is faith
We have your chair set out.
You are ours: that is love
And that must suffice 
For now.


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