Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sail Away Bedding Set Concept

My fabulous mother in law is always scheming to insert my work into her home and into her endeavors.  This time, it's the cottage. This home by the lake that she just acquired has been her wish for a few years now. As you might guess with such an occasion, decorations are to be made!  Bedding! Art! Cushions! Painted fabric to reupholster chairs! {Here's where I'm inserted.} She'd like this rental property to have my name painted all over it. So naturally, I toyed with the idea of the nautical on a bedding set. And voila!

It's been wonderful training and fun placing my artwork on products to see how they might look in these Pipe Dreams of my series of "Matchings + Pairings, Pipe Dreams + Real Things." Some pieces that I really like don't work well, while others that I'd say were mediocre motifs make the product pop. Fine art, communication arts and manufacturing arts are indeed their own realms. What works well in one may not--and often does not--work well in another. 

And yet, across the board, I find that I'm not often left at the dream stage; the finished product hardly ever matches what I set out initially to do. That's alright with me so long as the finished product stands strong! And watercolorful.

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