Wednesday, February 5, 2014

She Is His Mother

Wednesdays tend to be for watercolor devo's… as in watercolor pairing I do during a devotion time. 

This time, I drew from a passage that has struck me since I was a little girl: King Solomon's Wise Ruling found in 1 Kings 3. Two prostitutes that had sons three days apart, but only one was living when presented to King Solomon. Both women claimed to be his mother. But only one chose his life over her wishes. Guess who was the mom. 

The passage is fascinating as we see God's wisdom flesh out on Solomon. It's heart-wrenching reading it as a mom. And soon my motherhood may be questioned from time to time; probably by my own [adopted] son. 

But that's okay. Because I'll be his mother no matter what he or anyone else may think or decree. 

And that's the heart of a mother. 


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