Friday, March 21, 2014

C'est La Vie

Oh the art life. It ain't a smooth ride. But you haven't known me for taking the smooth road, have you?

If you remember, I was preparing some pieces to hang in a local restaurant along with other artists for their Spring/Summer show. I'm sad to say that you will not see these hanging there in the next few months. The coordinators found that my pieces were not suited for this particular show, due to the choice of frames.

They do, however, strongly encourage me to consider entering in the fall. That's a consideration that would be best be made at a later time.  

C'est la vie! And such is the art life. 

It's business… with personal taste, passion, and a bit of politics mixed in for good measure. 

(Or should I say "that's show business"?)

Eh, enough with the cliche expressions! Isn't my painting pretty?

Keep hustlin' (and painting),