Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Let's have a little review, shall we? 

Dossier (paperwork) Phase of the Adoption Process:

It's all about getting your life story together, getting checked out by a social worker, and compiling all that paperwork into an acceptable pile that has been notarized, certified, and authenticated. We've been pushing toward completing the authentication step for the last six weeks. 

So that, (the goal of this phase):

All paperwork to agency for review and translation -> all paperwork to China -> enter next phase, next to-do list! 

Wahoo!!!! And you know how it all got there? The 80/20 rule. {Except that rule didn't work out the way I'd figure.}

Anyone who has read any of my adoption blogs, Facebook posts or even knows that I'm an artsy type, knows I disdain paperwork. I can't believe how much heartache Times New Roman on cheap, inanimate sheets have caused me. It's actually been a big surprise to me! I use to think, "big deal, just get it done!" But every inch of the way has felt tainted with resistance--both external and internal. 

I've never forgotten this quote from a wonderful blog read:
"The international adoption of a child requires enough paperwork to kill a small forest. And more governmental red tape than you can believe. Imagine your longest, most frustrating trip to the DMV. Now quadruple that, add in twelve more governmental agencies in two countries, and remember it’s not a driver’s license you’re waiting for but the final piece of paper that says this family you’re creating can finally, finally be together."
So when someone steps in to help--even in the most minuscule way--it means so very much to me. 

Long story short, a practical stranger that would rather remain anonymous made 80% of the running and photocopies while I took care of the 20% that went to another consulate.  

She, too, is an adoptive mom. I can't tell her what this means to me, but I suspect that she gets it.