Monday, March 3, 2014

Studying Flowers

Craspedias, 10x14 watercolor on paper
I wish I had a green thumb. My "easiest plants to grow" give out pathetic little cries, testifying that I know nothing about horticulture. Even my succulents. But… I like to paint flowers! And my painted studies have forced me to do a little formal studying, via Google. My knowledge has only seeped into my brush (and not my thumb), but I'm enjoying the ride.

Pink Bouquet, 12x16 watercolor on paper
Isn't it funny how fascinated we are with these little pretties that are here today and gone tomorrow? 

French Seaside Vase, 11x14 watercolor on paper
I've still much to learn. (You artists will get the pun.)

So keep painting, 

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