Friday, April 4, 2014

A Quick Trip to Texas

We had a birthday guy to celebrate this week in Texas

This week in Texas has gone by so fast! (Who am I kidding, it was a three-day-trip, really.) I didn't realize how much I missed warm weather, the freedom to roam without winter preparations… and I didn't realize how much I missed people

This was our community before moving overseas, and they've watched us go and grow. I didn't have time for much one-on-one fun, but I made my rounds at my two old stomping grounds: church and work. Lots of recapping on our last year adjusting back to the States, lots of updating on our adoption progress.

My favorite [iPhone] shots from our day at the zoo. It drizzled for five minutes, tops. 
I wonder what our trip to China will be like. We will then be both welcoming our next exciting stage in life while reflecting on the stage before this one when we lived there

I foresee much blogging.

Everything in its season, right? (By the way, shouldn't the seasons be changing in Minnesota, too? *sigh*)

Keep painting, 

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