Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amidst Great Sadness

This passage is so emotive. Imagine watching the contents of your pantry gradually deplete down to the makings of one last meager meal. No more negotiating with neighbors for morsels, no more food available at the store. All that's left is your last meal (with your child no less!) and hope your death is as swift and painless as possible. 

I can't imagine being that mom, knowing I'll soon be watching my son die before my eyes... or (more likely) his last memory will be watching my passing. 

I know this is super depressing. But that is the reality of the passage and what this woman was facing when a passing prophet asked her for her last meal. 

The passage grows even more emotionally charged towards the end. The mother's faith grows. And God is glorified. 

As I reflected, putting myself in her shoes, I thought about some friends currently amidst great suffering. It moved me to a time of intercession, the kind I'd not had for a while. Lots of tears and emotions. 

My faith grew. And God was glorified.