Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not My Best Work

You're not supposed to introduce your work with excuses and negatives. But I'm expressing this piece's very strength: it's not my best work. 

That's a good thing. And it's a good thing I painted it.

I've been busting my tail trying to create amazing every day, every time, but aiming to hit that 10+ target is exhausting. It's what burnt me out, and it's precisely what made my work go south. I started to worry so much about the end product attracting praise that my gut--namely, creative intuition, which usually steers me well--got drowned out by the whispers of "what people like." 

That's creative suicide. Or murder... however you choose to look at it. 

Creating for an end goal is great, it is the heart of commercial art, the trade I love. But you know what I love more? Art. Art for my sake. Art for spiritual edification's sake. Art for the world's sake. Not art for a bottom line's sake. It has its place, it's necessary and I'd hate to live in a world where ideas were not expressed through the lovely language of art. It can communicate, it can sell ideas and products, it can add value. But for the creative to live off their trade, they've got to make time to breathe... be it through their trade or through other seemingly-irrelevant fountains of inspiration. 

For me to work doing art, I have to live doing art just as much or double. 

So I made this Lisa Frank -meets- Rainbow Bright ditty of a devotional from Streams in the Desert. All I wanted to do was to fill the page while I prayed and prayed. 

And it was divine. 

I challenge you to create your not-best work today. It will inform your future-best-work! And by the way, that's exactly what I call a watercolor devo--meeting with your extraordinary Maker through ordinary paint.

Keep painting, 

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