Friday, April 25, 2014

The Lord Provided

I didn't get very far in my study today. I had to stop dead in my tracks at the end of chapter one. "The Lord provided a huge whale to swallow Jonah"?! Provided? 

Wow. Maybe I need to redefine my definition of provision, particularly God's provision... namely, what is good provision. "Good" is the only kind of gift our Father doles out, but maybe His good gift doesn't looks so great to you. I hear ya. But guess what--I don't know what percentage of the time I'm right, but I do know what percentage of the time God is right: 100%. 

Struggling to swallow God's good gift for you at the moment? Maybe a little immersion in His thoughts--the Word--will help you ride the tide.

Too many puns? 

Keep reading... and painting, 

PS- Got a minute? Watch this clip for a bit of fun with Stephen Colbert at Bart Ehrman's expense. (My bringing up puns reminded me of it.)