Monday, May 5, 2014

El Cardenalito

I looked out into our backyard and saw a squirrel, a bunny, and a cardinal. I remember days while living in a big city when I would long to see little signs of life. I felt grateful.

And as I finished my Bible reading time, I reflected on the gory amount of blood used in Leviticus. I'm struggling to finish the book. I'm guessing that the point to drive home is what great measures must be taken to try to cleanse us of sin. I admit that I've felt like, "okay, I get it! Can we move on now?" But I don't get it. And that's why there's more yet to read!

And then I saw a tie-in. Blood... red... cardinal. I remembered this Puerto Rican folk song: 

Estando en la cruz nuestro Redentor
a sacarle espinas llegó un pajarito
manchó su plumaje con sangre de Cristo
y por eso es rojo y por eso es rojo el cardenalito

The song describes the cardinal that went to the cross of Christ and tried to pluck the thorns from him, and was left stained red. Beautiful story, isn't it?

And a great tie-in to my Christmas painting stint! (It'll be over soon, right? Yeah. Around Christmas.)

Keep painting,