Monday, May 12, 2014

For Praying Moms

Three pieces, three grandsons... all born prematurely. These paintings were commissioned by a praying grandmother who wanted to firmly and colorfully pass on her heart's proclamation to their moms. It was a meaningful Mother's Day gift, "a hit!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, prayer is important. But doing is more important... or is it?

Prayer is doing. It is the doing of the Lord. He may not do exactly what you are petitioning the way you're petitioning, but He is nonetheless very active through your prayers. 

When I think of the best we can offer our children--our care, our presence, provision, training, encouragement, empowerment, attention, education--not one of these can stand alone and be sufficient. The only all-sufficient thing I could hope for is God himself. If I could impart God himself to my sons, all would be well. I would go to sleep assured--be it for a night or for a lifetime--that they had all they needed. 

But I can't just "hand them" God as I would a flashlight, a cup of medicine or a cuddly bear. He imparts Himself. 

I can pray.

And I know He will act. 

These boys were born into a scenario that only God himself could step into and change, and their grandmother was there to recite the memory. She then called on me to record it in hopes that they would remember it. 

Keep pointing to Him,