Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gift Wrap a Mom Would Love

This is not a first, but it's very fitting! Take some white or kraft paper--or the non-glossy back of old Christmas wrapping paper--and make it all yours. Here are my tips for hand-painted wrapping paper:

Dabbing the paint right onto the paper takes away the need for a palette and those nerve-wrecking seconds where kiddo is moving a loaded paintbrush from point A to point B. I used acrylic paint over finger paint. It takes less time to dry and comes off his hands just as well. It also has richer color than children's paints do, and for that you can't beat $1 a bottle. Since my son likes to push his paint forward and backward, I use these foam brushes. Regular, bristled brushes get wrecked with his technique of choice. 

Want to take it up a notch? Criss-cross 'em! While baby boy was washing his brush, I did my own painting. Dabbing again, this time to take some guesswork out of equal-distancing the lines. The second time around, dab the paint right on the end of the first set of lines and connect to a top line diagonally. The ends will be chopped off when wrapping anyway.

Oh, it's car-racing time again? Oops. Guess I got a little carried away and didn't notice. 

I think Nana, Abuela, and Great-Grandma are going to love their little packages!

Keep painting,