Friday, May 2, 2014

How Surtex Looks On Me

Surtex is not the brand of lipstick I'm wearing in this picture, though it does make a girl's teeth look whiter! Surtex is a great, big, illustration show in New York. It is the time of the year to make some art licensing deals. So I've been busy. Check out what I've been drumming up in preparation for May's show!

I'll start with a set you've already seen. Making sets is something that has been surprisingly tricky for me. Label me the typical creative who wants to constantly go after new ideas. Nonetheless, I was having fun with foliage or at least progressing in painting it, so I thought I'd continue on with another set. This time with a more contemporary color palate...

If these don't sell for Christmas, they can definitely flex for another use. Like I wrote in an earlier post, there's much to be learned from repetition; in sharpening your skills and pushing past boredom. I've been painting so many wreaths lately that my house is getting full of them! Maybe I should make a wall of them and pretend they were real.  

So it snowed here three days ago. In April. But I was inspired! I cranked out this set and boy was it fun! As I started with the first Christmas set I did last month, these are playing with nostalgic elements. And it's no surprise I've been enjoying a little retro flair. I live in a mid-century home, I'm inspired by hand-lettered work from the fifties, and am getting hooked on MadMen on Netflix... though it often leaves me feeling depressed. Not so great, but it is wonderful eye candy!

Keep painting, I will.