Monday, May 19, 2014

Vibrant Tree

It's a rare privilege to get to do what you enjoy as a living. This painting is further proof of that. Can you tell I enjoyed doing this commissioned piece? I hope so. 

Tree close-up in progress. You can see how I used the shape of the brush to invent the shapes. 

On my very fancy folding table
I get so much credit for what the paint does on its own. I am a firm believer in using your medium to its strengths, learning from it, and exploring its limits. Sure, there's the occasional artist that manages to exploit a medium in a way that it's not used often... and everyone ooh's and ahh's! Personally, I'd much rather stand beside what should truly get the limelight: the art itself. Painting is a dance between the artist and what that creation was meant to be. And the joy is in letting go and watching  what it becomes... okay... with a little steering of course! 

Keep painting,