Monday, June 23, 2014

Keep Hope Alive

"I want mommy!!!" It was a plea and a battle cry, one that often caused an eruption among the other toddler cadets until they sang in what seemed like a tiered harmony much like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." They ranged from eighteen to thirty months, the smallest ones leading the chant. And as I volleyed between nurturing and firmness, I heard myself repeating this phrase over and over: don't worry, they're coming! Just not yet."

I could see them thinking of mommy as they belted out their calls. They imagined her face, how they felt with her, the scent of 'life with mommy,' and nothing could compare. The cutest part was how many of them seemed to think that I just wasn't understanding their plea. With their panicked-stricken faces they'd put away trying to say full sentences and simply say, mommy, go, or out! while pointing at the check-in counter where they last saw mommy/daddy/grandma. Of course I understood what they were asking for before they'd even say anything. Of course I knew what they wanted, and how badly they wanted it. And of course I knew that they would get exactly what they wanted within twenty {very long} minutes. 

It was a sure thing. Mommy/daddy/grandma were coming back. They'd come. Just not yet.

"Don't worry, they're coming! Just not yet." I preached. To myself. 

Ironically, my necklace's debut was that Sunday. 
I want him home!!!!!! (says this mommy to her son.) And like many of my tiny peers must have also wondered, I ask, "why not now?" Like many of my tiny peers were trying to say, "I know where he's at, I can show you!" Or like the more active ones, "let me just open the door and I'll get 'em myself!"

I saw my heart's expression on those little faces last Sunday.

You know what comforted them the most? Not my assertion that their reunion would happen, but imagining how that reunion would be. "Yep," I'd say, "she's going to come and say, Hi! What have you been doing? Did you have fun? And she'll pick you up and hug you..." Their faces would light up. 

The Lord calls us to find comfort in the same way. Why did Jesus tell us what His return would be like? Isn't it enough to know it's going to happen? Imagining it makes it more sure, and more exciting. We need to see it to believe it... even if it's through our mind's eye for now.

I found this sermon very, very encouraging. If you find yourself in a difficult place, wondering how you're suppose to find hope in the midst of your hardship, I sincerely commend it to you. It clarified my definition of hope, not based on popular thought, but on how the Bible speaks of hope. Bruce was our pastor when we lived in Texas and abroad, this was his first sermon.
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I never knew how powerful hope could be. It's a sure thing. Just hold on.

Keep hope alive,