Friday, June 6, 2014

All About Masking Fluid

Masking fluid (otherwise known as liquid frisket) seemed like a fairy tale substance, too good to be true. And it kind of was at first try.

I made the mistake of buying Winsor & Newton's Permanent Masking Medium. I went with the pricey brand--this should work great! I went with the big bottle--I'll be using it like crazy! But no such luck. My mistake came from overlooking two important words on the front of the bottle: permanent and non-removeable. You'd think I could have read one of the three languages they were written in! But no. I put it on with high hopes to find that there was no hope of it coming off. It was like paying double for what's much like the equivalent of gloss medium. Boo.  

I read some watercolor books (my first!) and they bragged about masking fluid. Seriously? But they were able to take it off. "Rub off with clean fingers," they said. So I started looking around on the internet and found Dr. Ph. Marten's Frisket Mask Liquid. "Peels off clean when dry." Eureka! 

Bought it, tried it (on left), it totally did what it claimed. 

I used it to block out the outline of this letter j so that I wouldn't have to worry about being perfectly neat (and therefore stiff) with my background brushstrokes. 

Some more ideas on how it could be used: 
  • Masking out flowers in a field
  • Small highlights, particularly on faces
  • Areas better left pure white
  • Areas that can take a light color wash after darker ones have been laid
  • Negative shapes, patterns, and designs
  • Under several glazes
  • Edges or borders

Feel like it's a cop-out? No worries, you can opt-out. :) But I've only seen awards for awesome paintings, not "awesome paintings that were done using only the listed, acceptable tools." In the end, this stuff is another tool in the toolbox. It can be wielded to contribute toward some great work.

Watch a quick video and see the fluid repel away while I paint without a care for staying in the lines! Click here or on the photo below.

As always, keep painting, 

PS- Is anybody in the market for Permanent Masking Medium? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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